Arogya Tooth powder (Dantha Swasthya Churnam)

Arogya Tooth Powder (Dantha Swasthya Churnam)

Made with the healing power of the following Organic Herbs & Spices – Mint, Triphala, Neem, Manjishta, Camphor, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ajwain, Fennel, Himalayan Pink Salt, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Dry Ginger.


Benefits of the Ingredients used:

Mint– It fights bad breath and Inflammation of the gums.

Triphala– It helps to clear the Tartar and dental plaques. Also good for bleeding gums.

Neem– It is an Anti microbial agent. It fights dental caries and plaques. It is also good for gum wounds and mouth ulcers. Improves taste, fights bad breath.

Manjishta– It soothes and heals oral mucosa.

Camphor–  It relieves mouth dryness, bad breath and toothache.

Clove– It relieves excessive slime in the mouth, bad breath, improves the taste sensation. Good for Toothache as it is an analgesic, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Cinnamon– It fights bad breath and improves the strength of the teeth.

Cardamom– It moistens the mouth and good for bad breath.

Ajwain– It is a great mouth cleanser. It maintains good oral hygiene.

Fennel– It is a great for bad breath. It aids in digestion.

Himalayan Pink Salt– It is good for bad breath, a teeth whitener, relief against sore throat. It maintains the flow of salivary and digestive juices.

Black Pepper– It improves taste perception. It is a good pain reliever and a good mouth cleanser.

Dry Ginger– It is an anti bacterial, anti inflammatory agent. It improves the taste sense perception. It is also good for dry mouth conditions.

Turmeric– A great anti inflammatory, antiseptic agent. It is used in gingivitis, plaques and tooth decays. It is also a teeth whitening agent.

Usage: Apply adequate quantity of powder to a wet brush and brush your teeth and gums. You can also massage the gums and oral cavity with your fingers and rinse the mouth.

Storage: Store in an air tight container.

Product Price:  $10 for 100 grams

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