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Ayurveda Wellness Services:

Pranayama is Conscious Breath Control. Breath and Mind are intimately connected. Pranayama & Meditation are an important part of yoga therapy for better Health, Harmony, Peace, Happiness & Longevity. Among the 8 limbs of Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation practices control the Mind chatter directly. A calm mind can conquer Stress and Anxiety, bring in more clarity, balance and stability in our
overall functioning. Therefore Mind care is Life care!

These sessions mainly focus on the proper way of Breathing, Stress Management, Weight reduction, Sleep issues, Improving Immunity, Improving Metabolism, Blood circulation to the extremities and Lymph health.

Available packages:

Package Type Duration Pricing
Group Class 60 minutes $15
1 on 1 Class 60 minutes $20

Additional classes will be suggested as needed.

Payment method – Via mobile transfer, Cash / Check before the start of the class.

Plan of Action:

  • Initial health assessment on the phone/online/ in person to understand the health concerns.
  • Develop a suitable working plan together.
  • Customized protocol will be emailed accordingly.
  • Guided sessions will be scheduled.
  • Practice sequence details will be provided in email.
  • Follow up on progress after about a month.
  • Get your questions clarified at anytime.

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