Ayurveda Consultations

All Consultations will be online on Webex. No in person Consultations at this time.


  • Detailed intake on the initial visit, a thorough assessment, and analysis of your unique body type, your tendencies and imbalances through history taking and pulse diagnosis.
  • Personalized and most practical Ayurvedic guidance plan on daily routines, breathing techniques and meditation most suitable and practical to you
  • Guidance on special Ayurveda therapies and home remedies that are most beneficial to you
  • Recommendation on herbal formulations.

Details of services and pricing:

Type of Consultation Duration Pricing
Body Type/Dosha Assessment 45 minutes $50
Clinical Consultations
1.     Initial 60 60 minutes $100
2.     Follow up 30 minutes $50
Clinical Consultation package
1.     Initial +2 follow ups 60+30+30 $175

Payment can be made via cash/check/mobile transfer and is due at the time of consultation.

A free 15 minute clarity call will be offered before scheduling the initial consultation.

During your free 15 minute clarity call you will discover:

  • Whether the Ayurvedic approach is a good fit for you
  • What you have tried in the past to alleviate your health issues
  • Your question regarding herbs, lifestyle, and other recommendations will be discussed
  • How we can best work together to achieve your health goals

Appointment Cancellations: We require you to inform about any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.

Discover your Dosha- Ayurvedic body constitution

Why is it important?

In Ayurveda, body constitution is called ‘PRAKRITI’.  It is very important to know who you actually are and stay aligned to your innate nature.

Knowing who you are, accepting your strengths and limitations and to continue doing your best, to your best ability will keep you in better stability.  Trying to be someone else can lead to imbalances.

We are all born from nature, made up of the 5 elements and its energies.  These 3 energies govern the entire cosmos including human beings. These energies are very subtle and are prone to turbulences within our mind-body systems.  Based on the choices we make with our diet, routines, and sleep, these energies can easily go out of balance and create health issues over time.  Imbalances of these energies are called ‘VIKRITI’.

Ayurveda says, we are all unique in different ways. The dance of these 3 functional energies are designed at the time of inception and stays the same forever till you die. The true innate nature is created by the interplay of the 3 functional subtle energies- VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. There are 7 body types- Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata Pitta, Pitta Kapha, Vata Kapha, and Vata Pitta Kapha together. Either one of these energies or two of these energies or all three of these energies could be dominant in an individual. Having all 3 energies equally dominant is hard to find but it is possible. Usually, either one or two of the energies will be dominant in an individual. The characteristics of these energies will create your true personality.

It is very important to know who you actually are. What are your tendencies and affinities, trying to make the right choices in Diet, Lifestyle and Routines will create better health, happiness, harmony, peace, and longevity.

To get your body constitution assessment, reach out to Hema Embar.

Your Dosha/ Prakriti Analysis with Hema Embar will include:

  1. Basic knowledge of Ayurveda to help you understand how it works.
  2. Your ayurvedic body type analysis based on a written questionnaire and Pulse diagnosis.
  3. Appropriate choices to make in your Diet, Lifestyle and other activities.
  4. Guidance on creating a practical daily routine suitable to your Prakriti.
  5. Take home practical tips and tools for a better balance in life, most suitable to you.
  6. Free email summary of your consult for your review.
  7. *If you need further assessment and guidance on any clinical issues, please book an Ayurvedic clinical consultation instead. Details are on the website.

Duration of consult: 45 minutes

Cost of the consult: $50

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